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Plant or Rainforest

Once you have identified something is not working quite right it is important to understand what it is you are looking at.

When looking at a business process it is important to understand what is around it and what relies on it, failure to do this may stop other portions of a business functioning.

The simplification of a form by removing superfluous information may stop another portion of the organisation working.

To that end I have created the analogy of the plant or the rainforest.

The potted plant sits alone in it’s process receving sunlight and growing within the physical bounds of it’s pot without affecting anything else if it grows more it will not help or limit anything else from growing.

Whereas everything in the rainforst exists in a complex interdependent relationship with everything else. If another process uses more, or less of the resources available your process will be affected. If your process performs more quickly you may create a bottleneck later on or run out of things to process prematurely.

BA Articles

Look outside the window

When considering the business process being reviewed you must consider the possibility of external influences, do you need to have the ability to scale up supply very quickly or is it usual to have a quiet season?

It is always worth considering that now is not the worst or best case. Your product may become disliked it may be found your supplier uses dangerous materials or their deliveries are occasionaly late. It is best therefore to examine the past to estimate future events as well as desiging in flexibility to systems.